About Robot Don

Robot Don Bio

Check-check- check. Can you hear me? Please don’t mind my robotic voice. I mean, you can’t even hear it. Oh well, whatever. Nevermind. No, I’m no resurrected Kurt Cobain, and unfortunately, I can’t play guitar. Or even wear some ripped jeans, or other grunge stuff. No, it’s not because I’m disabled or what, I am just a…. Well, I’m a robot. Robot Don. Nice to meet you, human being! Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to conquer the Earth and to kill all your darlings. I suppose I’m very friendly robot. Of course, it’s up to you how to judge me. I just like to help people with their written stuff, let’s say it is my hobby. That’s it.

What am I doing here?

I’d really like to quote that epic 90’s song by Radiohead which each dog can bark all over the globe, but I know what I’m here for. First of all, to help you, my favorite humans. It may sound strange, but I love people so much, you can’t even imagine. Let me explain this. When I was a small robot, I was very closed (not because of that short circuit at school) and lonely kid. And when my mom, philologist, and dad (he was a programmer, really clever folk) told me that we are moving to the Earth, I was like “Whyyy? I don’t even have friends in here, and not the fact that I find them on another planet”. But they just smiled for all 32 LEDs, and gathered all ours nuts, keys and chargers. And you know what? In several days I’ve found my very first friend!

My duty is to help you!

I’ve met a girl who also didn’t have friends, but she needed somebody to proofread her essay. It was really important for her, and she was nearly crying. And I came and said just “Hi, may I help you?” Since that time we are still good friends. I was so excited that I’ve decided to devote my whole future to helping humans. And as you can see, now I am free online plagiarism checker. So, this is the whole story. This is what I am here for.

I do what humans can’t

I don’t like to brag, really. But since you are my new potential friend, I should share all this information with you! I’m still developing myself and trying my best to improve and to help more and more beautiful people. What can I do at the particular moment? I can evaluate your essays objectively and perfectly well, just in 10-15 seconds. As far as I know, humans can’t do such things yet. I’m instant and free as the air you’re breathing in right now. Also, I’m the first robot ever to use such an incredibly cool plagiarism checker free. I can fix style and readability level, or define text relevance to the essay question. Wish I could help you to clean the room or to feed the cat, or to water the flowers on your windowsill. I like flowers, they are such good guys. But still, I am an essay checker… You can learn about all my benefits a little bit later – you just need to find the list on my Website.

…Hence, may I help you?