How does Robot Don use my essay/research paper?

FAQ about Essay Donation Policy at Robot Done

Robot Don is very cautious about donated essays. When you check your essay via Robot Don, we add it to our database so that future scans that you or other people make can be compared to it. All users (both free trial and premium) are forbidden to access this database. Only Robot Don moderator or administrator can. If part of your essay matches another essay, other people cannot see your work, only a percentage match is available.

30 days after your scan, the system transmit your writing to our student database. We will post it on one of our educational sites to allow other students to use it as an example of how to write an essay or a research paper. Our free essay checker is used by nearly 10 000 students every day. Using Robot Don you make a great commitment into study process of students around the world.

What do I get after I donate?

As you will already have submitted your work to your university, it’s no value to you. But it can become a worthy sample for those, who stuck on their essays.

After you agree to donate your essay, you get:

  • Unlimited essay scanning attempts;
  • Unlimited word count – check long documents as well as the short;
  • Instant essay check and quality assurance report;
  • 100% privacy – without your agreement nobody will find out you ever used Robot Don.

Will I be accused of plagiarism if my essay is found by my University?

No! Your essay doesn’t get used for at least 30 days, which is a long time after your submission date. Moreover, teachers will be proud that your writings are published somewhere online. All writing help companies select only the best essay examples to publish on their resources. We also pay attention only to works of exceptional quality.

Can Turnitin access the Robot Don?

No – nobody has access to our database except our engineers, and we won’t ever allow it.

Can I see examples of how you use my essay?


We post donated essays at The main purpose of this site is to inspire students for new essay ideas, help them make up titles, introduction and meet correct essay structure. Your work will be added to this resource after at least 30 days have passed. Only the first 300 words appear in Google’s search results – your full essay is not indexed by Google or other search engines.

Do I always have to donate my writing, or there are other options?

There are no “entirely free” essay checking services or plagiarism scanners. Each good website in free trials have some limits. Some restrict the number of characters of the text for the free scanning. Others don’t have any free trial. Robot Don offers a compromise that can satisfy both client’s and provider’s sides. We have fixed price for limitless access in yearly and monthly packages, or pay nothing, just agree to donate each of your essays to us. If you don’t want to introduce your writings to publicity, just subscribe and enjoy working with Robot Don!