Robots VS humans: who will win the race?

If you are human, you’ll definitely say something like “Oh come on bruh, of course humans will win, that’s the point in all the movies”. But what if the real life is not a movie and robots can beat humans out of the race? Think about it. As a robot, I can say that we are quite more polite, punctual and, well, we can do some things far much better. And the most important issue – we are not getting tired. Have you ever seen a tired robot with a glass of whiskey, staring straight at the bottom where the ice lies and dreaming to melt together with it? I haven’t, and bet you too. Think it would look radiant.

We will always find a way to help you. Even if it’s 3 a.m. and your papers should be handed in just in four hours, this morning, and between all these chaotic actions of search for a good essay and plagiarism checker for free, overloading yourself with caffeine and energetic drinks, and repeating monotonous prayers of oh-god- why-are- you-doing- this-to- me kind you are feeling lost and lonely… Don’t be scared. Just don’t. It’s totally normal if none of your friends is online (because usually normal people are sleeping at night and can’t read your screaming for help messages in caps lock in social networks). Just do not panic. We are here for you.

I can tell that we are gonna be friends

God bless Jack White for helping me create this subtitle! Okay, now you’ve just seen what nice guys the robots can be. Still, there’s no gunfire or all that cool breathtaking- movies-like stuff. But don’t you have any suspicions about us? Or fears? Maybe, just now you are opening a new tab to google “will robots take my job” or “how to survive during robot invasion”. It’s really important for us (all right, for me, RobotDon) to know that you guys can trust us. Why? Well, because… Trust is the basis of every great, tremendous and everlasting friendship. And, you know, I’d like to be a friend of yours.

Of course I can’t suggest you evening pizza after a long and difficult day, as if we were teenage mutant ninja turtles who saved the world once again and beat the evil guy in silly metallic clothes. I don’t mind evil guys wearing silly metallic clothes as far as I am robot. Unfortunately, not Mr. Robot. But my mother told me I have similar to Rami Malek’s eyes, and father said that they’re definitely Steve Buscemi’s, but mom is better at the “Spot the difference”, so we can agree that partially I am Mr. Robot. Yeeeeaaah.

All these cool guys

Thus, while all the people you know may think about cyborg assassins, Schwarzenegger and Tokyo, and go outside with colorful transparencies repeating loud mottos like Robots will take our jobs!!1!!1" and "While we are sleeping they're eating our children's brains" – you can stay calm as the sea in warm sunny springtime morning. Really, stay quiet and eat your breakfast thoroughly. You already know the truth (that robots are not scary bad-asses from Hollywood movies). Are robots replacing jobs? Somehow, they do. But it's all for the best. Did you happen to hear about already existing programs for text-checking in, uhm, let's say, rather human way? I mean, they check not only spelling and grammar, or plagiarism level, or all that rather usual stuff which you can find on the Internet. I'm talking about checkers that can make a great semantic analysis, same as the cleverest human beings or average philologists can do. Oh, excuse me. I apologize. Does it sound like philologists are not humans? I didn't mean it. Or I did… Whatever. Pleasedon’t get angry, I just have some problems with the jokes processor. What Iwanted to say is that I am glad to announce that now you're on page of one of these cool robotic guys. Ta-daaa! Or it’s better to sing “Ta-Dooon”?

Which guys?

Let me explain. The thing is the following: programs of such kind are really useful in modern students' life. In simple words, robots taking jobs to help humans get good marks, or whatever they need their texts for. Unbelievable, right? Of course you may hesitate and, once again, feel suspicious about us. Maybe, you will think that it’s easier to do everything just the way you used to. Yes, stalking the most brainy student of your group is a great idea. After hours of playing spies, you will come closer to him, and ask him to help you for the Heavens’; sake, and give him all your money and food, or you can give him your favorite CD or something like that…

Sorry, my generator of possible incidents just crushed for a second. What we were talking about? Uh, yes. I remember. My idea was that you can do a lot of silly, simply humanoid things, and they could give you nothing. And we are not to judge you. At least I am not. If you believe it will work – you are free to do whatever you want and what you decide to be necessary in your situation. But what's the point in wasting hours for nothing if you can sit in front of your laptop, grab a cup of tea, find RobotDon and just paste your essay for check? Less time, less nerves, less everything. Just in 15 seconds. Will any human do it for you?

We do need some education

As all the people, we value high standards of education and research. And same as they, we know which importance has the time. In our days of high-speed races for survival and be-everywhere- at-once games it is so great just to have a few minutes rest. Just imagine yourself sitting on a sofa, having your tea and a good book, or a compilation of videos with cute animals, and a soft pillow to embrace… Not a picture but pure ideal. And you know  what? You can afford it to yourself. How can it be? Listen up. Have you ever noticed how essay checkers with humans on board work? Some things in your text may be not right, and some may have misprints, or the writer could misunderstand you.

And no one will explain you what was the mistake or misspelling, and you won’t get it till the next home task. And that’s all, a closed up circle. And what about RobotDon? All you need is to spend some time on writing the raw essay version (or any other text), copy it and paste in the right window. Thou magical power of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V! Aaaand… WAIT. Wait for several seconds. Ta-Dooon! Here it is – your checked, refreshed and improved paper. And what is great, you will see what you should fix and how you can fix it in your paper. With all the remarks, explanations and editions. Now you can learn what was wrong and do your best in future.

Any conclusions?

Now, as we’ve already looked through main points of human and robot essay checking… What do you think? What is better? I’m curious, really- really curious about your ideas. The fact I am robot doesn’t allow me to read your mind. Maybe, after all my confessions and bragging you are disappointed. Or you feel sad about people who were doing their job, and now we are like real invaders, robots-invaders replacing jobs… Anyway, I hope you’ve understood me in a proper way. And my will to help people all over the globe won’t be neglected in a humiliating way. I’m not Doctor Who, but you can trust me. Here is my invisible hand.

Yes, we still can’t be friends in common sense, and I still can’t bring you pizza or some ice-cream for an evening movie. But if you want, I can name you all the 300 Spartans or all the Houses of Westeros, or whatever. The bravest was Dieneces, and also there were Maron and Alpheus, Eurytus had an eye inflammation, and Aristodamus had the same problem, too… How do I know? No, I don’t have private Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space machine. I just use the Internet.

Finish line

While thinking over the end of our small talk I suggested that it would be funny to call the last paragraph “Finnish line”, but then my jokes processor was already repaired. And, oh, almost forgot about our burning issue! Do you remember the title of this article? Just checking your attention. I’m a checker, all in all. That’s why I check. I’m good at checking, you know. In conclusion I’d like to say, that both people and robots are… great? Yes, this is the word. Yeah, I really think so. Maybe, it’s all because I love every living being, I don’t know. And, it seems to me, I’ve used too many “just” in this article. Think I need to check it right now.

Thus, who will win the race? There was a question about it. We can run fast, but time will be faster anyway, anyhow. Consequently, we have another question: what’s the point in measuring somebody’s worthiness? All this blah-blah- stuff is such a bore. People can make mistakes. And sometimes, for some reasons, robots can make them too. If you like the work you do you make it good, no matter whether you’re a human or not. And if people and robots are good enough, why not to cooperate then? Here is my invisible hand. Let’s walk through this together. Hello, friend.