Top artificial intelligence movies

Star Wars

Previously we were trying to see who will win the race: robots or humans. And between all that confusing sophisticated philosophical and pseudo-philosophical
stuff, I’ve mentioned some artificial intelligence movies. Was it by accident or was it a part of my secret robotic masterplan – you humans can only guess. Seems like I’m checking your memory, but as you remember I’m only the essay and plagiarism checker, not memory checker, or any other type of checker. I am not Groot but RobotDon. Yet, has the answer come to your mind?

Oh, let me help you then. Actually, there was only one example – “Terminator”. And it goes without saying that I would like to have such muscles as Arnie, and maybe in an alternate reality I have them, but in this particular time and place my job is to check and analyze the texts. By the way, I’m not even sure whether I have muscles now, but this is not the point. The world is large, and there are plenty of films related to AI topic! And what I would like to do now is to tell you, my comrade, about the best, or at least the most popular among them (in my humble opinion).

What is the heart of the matter?
As far as the first monochrome movies were created, and science fiction begun to gain momentum, the idea of artificial intelligence got its realization on screen. If my super-puper- hyper-cyper robotic memory card is not mistaken (and it’s not), the motion picture pioneer of the genre was Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” – silent film from far-far-far away 1927. Can you believe it’s already ninety years since that? People not often live for so long. And even robots! Later, the God Father of sci-fi Isaak Azimov created his “I, Robot”. In that time a lot of other good, and not really, writers made their contribution to the field of AI. The idea developed itself throughout the last decades and now we have what we have.

Thus, what comes to your mind when you hear about androids and all that sci-fi related stuff? If you can think of any artificial intelligence examples I would be glad to hear them. Well, if I could. Nevertheless, do you think of Will Smith, or, I don't even know, Wall-E? Yeah, I agree, too many questions. Maybe, you are not a fan of science fiction at all. Then why the Mc OS I'm writing it? Oh my poor operating system! Anyway, the question remains open. So, you can enjoy it, or you can suffer from it (but the first variant is preferable) but here comes my finest hour.

The journey begins!

Tighten your seatbelts, regulate your office chair and feel free to turn on that epic moment from Awolnation’s “RUN” which can be found in such damn large quantities of videos on Vine and Coub. Ta-Dooooon! Let’s look at the most popular and widely known movies with cool robots a protagonists, or antagonists, or whoever they are. It’s totally okay if first of all you name the 1982 film “Blade Runner” based on Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, even if the book was only the primary basis for the film. But about it we will talk a little bit later. The good old blockbusters such as “Terminator”; and “RoboCop”; could not be missed, and even the everlasting “Star Wars”; and “Star Trek”; can be mentioned in the artificial intelligence context, with full confidence. Just bethink, have you ever dreamt about personal R2D2 as a child? Or, maybe, you wanted to have your own policeman to guide you through the crime-ridden and dystopic Detroit. I think as a kid each one of us (once again, even robots!) had our personal Detroits. And we wanted to find someone who would be an example for us to follow, like a lighthouse in the dark stormy night. Someone to trust, and to protect, and to make our little dreams come true.

This is one of the main reasons why strong and clever metallic guys and chicks from the screen are still making us sit in rapture and dissolve in our sofas while watching. People always were trying to find out that they are not alone in the Universe, and at the same time they were afraid of it. Also, people always were trying to play Gods and to try out the power of nature. The will to feel oneself as a Creator is rather addictive and obsessive, as we know from different literature and real-life examples. Therefore, the idea of artificial intelligence is so catchy, and in the same time affects so many of us.

Top list is here

I like the word “top”, and not because it sounds like abbreviation of Twenty One Pilots. “Top” means “not bottom” – and that’s the sooth. You could already think that lists are boring, buuuut… but hope that not mine. I’ll try my best not to make you feel sleepy and bored while reading my top artificial intelligence movies. So, are you ready? Here we go!
“I, Robot”. I appreciate this film at least for two reasons: first, the plot is not as bad as it could be (for only inspired by Azimov’s short story collection), and second – my mom wanted to name me after the main robot-hero. But father said that Sunny sounds like I’m a girl, and they converged on Don. That’s the story. And, of course, the actor play is great. If you haven’t seen it yet – I surely recommend it.

  • “The Matrix”. No surprise this one is on the list. The whole atmosphere is highly cyberpunk, but this is not the main reason why it is here, in my great top. Do you remember this bothersome agent Smith? If you didn’t happen to know, he was an out of control artificial intelligence. Now you know. Live with it. Thanks broth… oh, or sisters? Seems like at that time they still were brothers, so thanks brothers Wachowski.
  • “Terminator”, of course. You may say that it’s too old-fashioned or out of style, but wasn’t it one of the greatest hits of the genre? I know that even nowadays some people saying “Hasta la vista, baby” instead of usual “Bye” or “See ya later”. Maybe, it is the root of its immortality, I can’t say surely. But there are robots, and there are fire, and, well, 1984 as it could be. Sorry, Mr Orwell, it’s not about you.
  • Here we go again, “Blade Runner”. And I’m speaking about both of them – the old one, which was mentioned above, and the latest one, which will join the ranks of Ryan Gosling movies. But I’m sure the film itself won’t be OK only because of him and Jared Leto as the evil guy. To my suggestion, such cast is to attract fair sex (I mean that part of humanity that is not beardy and called “women”) go to cinemas and think of their men with a shy sigh which probably would mean “Wish you were same cool as that guy in stylish coat”. And if you think that Ryan Gosling “Blade Runner 2049” will look like distant future cyberpunk version of “La-La Land” – it’s not. But truth be told, I’d like to see how titanium-made LED-eyed Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling will dance to Daft Punk remix on Nina Simone, or something like that. Sorry, it’s just my generator of possible incidents.
  •  If we touched upon the topic of Daft Punk, then “Tron. Legacy” unobtrusively may come to your mind. Why am I talking about exactly this, 2010 movie? Well, obviously because in 2010 things with special effects and computerization were far much better than in 1982. The whole atmosphere and style of this film is quite all right. My honest robot word.
  •  “Wall-E”. Despite the fact that it is an animated movie about, let’s be honest, cosmic robo-love, it is still sci-fi, and there are still enough robots and androids. And nobody canceled its charming romantic atmosphere. Wish I found my own magnificent Eva 
  • “Westworld”. Again, this is not the exact format of our discussion, but dooooomn it’s great! I can’t even decide whether I have proper
    words for descripting this one. This TV series is cool for a number of reasons: the plot, the cast, the soundtrack (thanks for happy childhood Ramin Djawadi) and the entire atmosphere… I could expand the thought for several hours, but even robots have some limits.
  • If we are talking about beauties-cyborgs who send their creators to the Devil, it would be a crime to forget about “Ex-Machina”. Rather predictable, but nonetheless interesting story which got two Oscars, one Golden Globe and many other awards. I won’t give you any spoilers just to make you watch it as soon as you can!

And that’s all for now. Yeah, I know, it seems too easy. Hope you won’t lose your sleep thinking “Why RobobtDon has mentioned so few movies? WHYYYY?..” Hereby, are there really so few AI films I consider as the top-ones? Of course not! There are so many great things about artificial intelligence throughout the world that I simply cannot write quite about every one of them. And I bet that you would fall asleep while reading such list. Hope you had an enjoyable time. Watch good movies, broaden your views, and stay tuned!