Robot Don Essay Writing Contest: Submit Your Best Writings and Get Awarded

Compete with other essay geeks in the best writing contest of this fall!

Essay Writers Contest by Robot Don

Type of contest: long-term

Number of participants: unlimited

Deadline: the 30th of every month

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1.Contest Summary

Robot Don is an essay checking service that assesses papers according to main text characteristics. All students differ in their academic performance use Robot Don for the final check of their writings. Every Day Robot Don looks through thousands of essays, but he barely can find true masterpieces. That is why he decided to conduct this competition. He aims to find ultimate monsters of essay writing who will show the highest scores according to his system! Robot Don will be glad to award the best human writing minds with prizes. Take a chance and go!

2. Who is eligible to participate is sponsoring a scholarship essay contest, open to all high school and college students from anywhere in the world. This is your chance to craft a creative, engaging essay that will grab the judges’ attention and win an award.

3. What will happen after taking part in essay writing contest

  1. First, you will be assessed by top academic paper online proofreading service;
  2. If you get high scores – win money equivalent prizes:

First Place:  $130

Second Place: $80

Third Place: $40

4. Main Terms

  1. Deadline: October 31, 2017 (last day of each month);
  2. Judges: Robot Don online score + a panel of our editors and writers;
  3. Language: English;
  4. Length: Essays should be 500-900 words;
  5. Where to Submit: Upload your essay for check in the Robot Don check field. In the title line, before the actual name of your essay, add words “FOR CONTEST” to let us know about your willingness to participate. After the check you will receive am email with your score. 
  6. Be certain that your contact information (email address, and phone) is provided in the required field. Otherwise, we won’t be able to grant you.
  7. The results will be published every month on the site! Be up to Robot Don Contest Updates through our twitter and facebook accounts.

6. Evaluation criteria

If you keep in mind the following features, you’ll have more chances to win 😉

  1. Only unique essays can fight for the victory. Robot Don automatically check all submitted essays on plagiarism. The more percentage of plagiarism it finds, the less your score will be. So, it is in your best interest to send us only unique writings of yours.
  2. Ask yourself – do you enjoy reading your essay? Literally. When you give someone to read what you wrote (especially to contest judges) you must understand that if you don’t like your own creation, nobody will evaluate it highly.
  3. To be on the top, your essay must not contain any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Take the time to review and edit many times to make your piece fully polished.