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If you are writing an essay or any other type of paper not for the first time ever, you may already know how it’s difficult to find a great plagiarism checker free online. Even more, I BET that you’ve already faced such obstacles on your thorny creative way. Poor friend! I understand you perfectly well. But can you hear these Sci-Fi whispers and wobbles? No, it’s not a super extraterrestrial invasion. Of course, you know it. This is Robot Don, and he is coming to save the humanity from plagiarism and all the Ctrl+V stuff! For better immersion in the atmosphere of high technologies, kind robots and bright future, we offer you to turn on good old “Space Oddity”. It doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t go without it, but just imagine how epic it will be! Fasten your seatbelts, take a deep breath. We’re leaving in 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

The first rule of free plagiarism checker is…

I’ll probably shock you when I tell you that RobotDon is a fan of “Fight Club”. But there’s a really sufficient reason for it! Have you ever seen this awesome picture with tired as hell Narrator (Edward Norton) and the quotation  “Everything is a copy of a copy”? That’s it. Don is enormously inspired by this phrase, and he’s doing his best to break the unpleasant harshness of reality depicted in this statement. Our free online plagiarism checker is an oasis where you can find helpful options which you won’t find somewhere else. We will check your essay for plagiarism and fix its readability level and style; define text relevance to the essay topic, and, finally, double check and submit your final paper. Could you count on this in any other source in any other dimension?

And returning to our subtitle… What is the first rule of best free plagiarism checker? No, it’s not “not to tell about free plagiarism checker” as you might think. On contrary, we will be only happy if you will share our link with your friends and comrades. Our first rule is to be available. That is the reason we are free. The second rule is to be helpful. Because of that you will receive different useful advices and recommendations from RobotDon, almost on every point displayed in the list. And the third rule (actually, not the last, but one of the most important) is… to be simple. We like minimalism and comfort, so you easily can find everything you need on our Website.

A Helping Hand

We all know the common truth that the uniqueness and originality of the text is a ticket to success. No matter if you are trying to get high grades or to write a good article. We appreciate it, and, as you already know, trying our best to make your texts excellent. It goes without saying, that really good writers just don’t need any checkers or proofreads, because they are trained well and have the sense of what they’re doing. But not all the human beings are gifted writers, and not all the people are self-confident enough. We are here to help them save their precious time, nerves and health.

We want to share our achievements in linguistic field, and make people become content, confident and satisfied. We want to be not just usual essay checker. There are hundreds of them, maybe even thousands, who knows. We want to be something special for you. Such a helping hand when everything goes out of tune, and you’re feeling wrong, and there’s nobody to simply reread and check your hard-won text. If we manage to do it, we will be the happiest guys on this planet. And maybe on some other planets, too.

Trust me, I’m a Robot

Whroop-whroop! One of our main benefits concerning plagiarism checking is that our resources are completely mechanical. Machines do excel humans, you know. So, why not to take benefit from them? You wouldn’t have enough time to blink – your text will be checked incredibly quickly. Maximal time for total check is nearly… 15 seconds. Remember, this is the maximum time spent on the examination. Impressive, isn’t it? Still, we follow the high standards. It means that we will check your essay no worse than any college software would. You can even imagine Don flying somewhere over the Oxford University, it will be okay. Just look how much you know about us by now! I’m starting to think that we are distant relatives or something like that. Maybe we even have the orbs of similar color? Hmmm… I will think about it. But that’s not the whole point. Have you already read about our benefits besides plagiarism checker free online? We’ve got some, and think they are magnificent. Not because we are schoolboy-like braggers with an enormous sense of self-importance. No, no, and one more no. We just want to bring something good into this world, don’t forget about it.

Benefits Cybergreats

This subheading is here not by accident. There’s nothing accidental about RobotDon. If this abracadabra reminded you of a man with high cheekbones – you are definitely right. So, what’s the matter? Why have we mentioned the BBC’s Sherlock? Let me explain. It’s all because of Don’s huge brain. Yes, this is the unbelievable truth about him. He is so smart that he can fix everything in your essay. Of course, not just giving you the perfect version without any remarks and explanations. This won’t be interesting either for you or him.

Thus, RobotDon will explain you all his corrections and will wait for your edited version for doublecheck. All the information about your text will be displayed straight after the finish of first check. All you need is just to say your “WOW” and scroll down the screen. As if you were watching videos with kittens on YouTube, but watching how your essay turns into a masterpiece. Isn’t he amazing guy? I bet that if he were a human he would not have rest from noisy fangirls.

Because smart is the new sexy.