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“Mayday mayday mayday, we are sinking!” — “Em, what are you thinking about?” This dialogue from a German commercial of the English learning courses has gone viral on YouTube. Even native speakers know that the English language is tricky, and not only when it comes to pronunciation. Spelling can give you a hard time as well.

Why correct spelling matters

Ship and sheep; live and leave; flower and flour; sea and see; to, too, and two — all these words seem identical from the phonetic point of view, but they differ by some letters and meaning. If you don’t turn on an internal spelling checker to make sure you’ve used the correct one, you create sentences that lack meaning. In this case, you risk sending messages with wrong directions for a team or something opposite to what you truly meant.

Misused words in an essay will result in a lower grade. When you mix up words in a college or job application letter, you earn bonus points for your rivals. If you fail to use a spelling checker when writing business emails, you risk acquiring a reputation of an illiterate person, which will affect a potential partnership. Even if you write something incorrect in social networks, you have high chances to become the next world’s favorite meme.

What mistakes can RobotDon online spell checker detect?

There many tips and proven method to avoid mistakes: to use a vocabulary (or English translation dictionary for non-native speakers), to write down lists of words that are problematic for you, to draw analogies, to visualize words, etc. However, your default spelling checker is not always efficient. You may be subjective when it comes to checking, overconfident, or simply tired.

Some students question the efficiency of an online spelling corrector, too. If a person cannot detect mistakes in their own text, how is an app supposed to handle that task? Robot Don is not just any spelling corrector. He is a friendly creature with an Artificial Intelligence, and he is good at spelling and grammar checking — probably better than any person you know.

How does a spelling corrector work?

This essay spelling checker has a simple user-friendly interface, which will not take much time to figure out. A user can check an essay or any other type of paper with minimum efforts. Here’s a short guide for you, just in case.

  1. Go to Robot Don site.
  2. Log In or Sign Up if you don’t have an account yet. You can just click on “Check my essay now” button, and it will redirect to a registration form.
  3. Enter your email and password or simply authorize with an account in a social network.
  4. Paste a title and main essay text in the corresponding fields.
  5. Click on “Check my essay” to activate the spell checker.
  6. Wait for a report. It won’t take much time — 10-15 seconds on average.
  7. Correct mistakes and run RobotDon essay checker once again.
  8. Mail a paper to your professor after there are no mistakes left.

Benefits of Using RobotDon tool

Robot Don Checker is free to use. It increases your chances to receive a high grade, to write an impressive college application, to make a text interesting and easy to read. For some students, paper writing becomes a burden, but Robot Don can turn it into fun.

  • An automatic spelling checker is better at detecting mistakes — machines excel humans, and you should use their help for benefit.
  • Robot Don is capable of understanding the context and choosing proper words. Program’s AI already has a rich vocab and keeps evolving, becoming even smarter.
  • The service can predict your grade with 90% accuracy by analyzing different factors.
  • In addition to finding spelling mistakes, it checks grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, reading convenience, and plagiarism as well.
  • Regular usage of this spelling tool helps to improve your writing skills, thinking abilities, and provide some valuable tips and tricks on the correction.

And there’s one more cool feature for those, who don’t know how to deal with all the essay editing after it displays a report: you can ask for professional assistance. Just one click on a button below the text, and you will assign the review and improvements to a team of essay writers as good at the works as Robot Don.

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