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Hello, friend. As I’ve promised, here you can read about our benefits! I can’t say that we have hundreds of them, but quantity does not mean quality, right? If you still hesitate whether to rely on RobotDon, you can check its peculiarities by yourself – just enter any random text of your authorship and wait for a few seconds. One… two… three… Voila! Isn’t that great? I’m glad if you’ve already checked your essay and enjoyed our services. But if such word combinations as plagiarism checker free, free plagiarism checker, free online plagiarism checker, plagiarism checker free online, best free plagiarism checker are not impressive for you, and you still can’t believe that you can check everything you need without downloading apps, signup or login, for free – well, the following information is for you. Let us
introduce the best free plagiarism checker step by step.

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

Well-well, what do we have here? Your already made text! All you need is to enter it (including the title) in the necessary field and to press that beautifully blue button. What awaits you there? Don’t be afraid, you won’t blow up all the continents or release the nuclear rocket in the outer space. By pressing this button you just make Don do all the work needed. Let’shave a look. First of all, you will know when the check is over. You will see the message “RobotDon has finished checking your essay! Find the essay report below” and what remains is just to scroll down the screen. Our free plagiarism
checker will show you the following info:

Your Text Statistics
Here you will find a huuuuge list concerning such things as number of characters, number of characters without spaces, number of words, number of unique words, number of significant words, number of stop words. A generalized analysis of your masterpiece.

The uniqueness of the text
We know that the uniqueness or originality of the text is your ticket to good grades. That is the reason why you may get some useful recommendations and tips from RobotDon for improving your essay.

Rhythmic monotony The good paper needs life and rhythm. Here you will learn how to enrich your vocabulary, and some strategies to avoid keyword stuffing, and many other interesting and valuable things for your future writings. While searching your mistakes, Don will pay attention to such things as quality, number of similar length sentences in a row, the correctness of phrases, even more – he’ll look for synonyms for the words you tend to repeat the most.

The watery content of text shows how it is full of irrelevant words. Of course, it’s much better when they’re avoided. Let us reassure you that Don will tell you how to improve your text. Watery phrases and words will be highlighted in the text, so you could change or delete them. Also, you will be able to check the total percentage of your watery words and words without water.

Keyword stuffing
Stuffing the paper with same words or phrases affects the readability, quality, and it is unsightly. That’s why we will show you the most frequently
used words in your essay, and give a detailed analysis of the stop words.

Readability index

It’s quite clear that readability is about making your text easy to read and understand. The readability indexes will be given below the general info. It’s really interesting stuff to learn!

Word frequency

If it’s not your very first essay, you should already know that word frequency is a vital aspect that contributes to the quality of the text. How often do you use certain words and phrases? Pay attention to it. There will be a statistics below which will show your total score.

So, are all from the above is enough for your inquisitive mind? Hope the answer is YES (as if I were to marry you, lol) and you’re satisfied. Feel free
to enjoy high standards on awesome speed, we are always glad to have new friends. And, of course, little robot will be so incredibly happy to help you! Have you copied text to the clipboard? Seems like it is high time for your first essay check at RobotDon.