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“Check my essay for plagiarism, please!”, – students cry out before the day to deadline. Educational establishments treat plagiarism very seriously. Essay writing is meant to teach students to conduct research, to check facts, to express ideas clearly. University tasks, such as essay, are designed to prepare young people for challenges that come with employment and job duties. Plagiarism only interferes with acquiring proficiency. In this regard, a decent checker is what can make your life much easier.

Consequences of plagiarism

The outcomes of stealing someone’s works and ideas can be different. Low grades or assignment rejection are the worst things that can happen. Students may end up with no opportunity for resubmitting papers, to get a formal warning or become an object of public shaming. They risk to fail a course, to reduce qualifications, to lose a degree, to get expelled.

Plagiarism is a serious threat to a person’s reputation — personal, academic, and professional. You become someone who cannot be trusted. All your future work will be treated with suspicion. Credible journals always check for plagiarism history and won’t view your research seriously.

Stealing content and ideas leads to legal and monetary repercussions. True authors of plagiarized materials value their work. Copyright laws treat this issue seriously as well. It is not difficult to prove that a work is plagiarized (every plagiarism checker for students can do it), so a person will be fully responsible for the wrongful use of materials.

Plagiarism compromises the economy. It goes much further than grades. It devalues a degree held by a student and compromises the entire educational establishment. Even in case students manage to get away with plagiarized works, someone will hire them, taking for qualified professionals with supposed skill sets. In reality, these skills will not comply with job market requirements.

Not knowing if citation counts as plagiarism

It’s okay to mention another person’s ideas in your work in case you cite it correctly. Citation is anti-plagiarism: it is supporting knowledge that makes your writing more credible. To prevent improper use, you should understand what materials should be cited.

Citation is required when students use direct quotes, paraphrases, ideas that have been already expressed in another work, works used on early stages of developing your own ideas, borrowing statistics or infographics, mentioning work of art. The source of information doesn’t matter. Whether it comes from a book, journal, movie, software or any other medium, the source should be indicated according to the requirements of a chosen citation style.

If a student borrows ideas from a little known source, it may be not obvious immediately. Professors use special software and online services to define whether a text is original. You should also check essay for plagiarism before submitting it. It is a must to compare two documents for plagiarism before sending your essay for check: one document is your essay paper, another one – source (book, article, research, etc) from where you borrowed the piece. Try an online tool called RobotDon – a remarkable checker that you will love.

How RobotDon Plagiarism checker works

Using RobotDon tool is easy as 1-2-3. We properly check every essay for plagiarism to help you make the perfect paper.

  • To start using this plagiarism detector, register or sign up with an account in a social network.
  • After that, add your text and press “Start.” RobotDon will start checking billions of web pages with text content.
  • If the service finds matches, those text parts will be highlighted — marked as plagiarized.
  • After the check is finished, you will see results with the percentage of text similarity and the list of plagiarized sources.

In addition to detection of matches, users receive a complete report on the essay from this checker. It includes the issues regarding spelling, syntax, grammar, and stylistic of your essay. Based on the originality and other parameters, RobotDon will come up with a probable grade. This is not the final grade you will receive. Professors’ requirements for estimating papers can differ.

The checker features a user-friendly interface and is easy to figure out. To see how it works in practice, find out if your essay is 100% original and well-written. After this, you won’t send any paper without a final check.

Benefits you will get using RobotDon checker

  • Privacy and confidentiality. During registration in this essay plagiarism checker, you share a minimum of information. Your personal data isn’t shared with third parties or used in commercial purposes. The check is confidential.
  • Simple interface. Even if you haven’t used a similar finder before, RobotDon won’t be difficult to understand. Its user-friendly interface makes every next step clear and obvious.
  • Checking over 10 billion web pages. It isn’t likely that the service is going to miss something. Resources used for every check help to achieve very detailed results.
  • High-quality check. The scale of the check is supplemented by in-depth analysis of the content on each of these pages. Users see the parts that are really copied (or quoted), not separate highlighted words, and can remove them by paraphrasing or focusing on other ideas.
  • Essay report. A free online plagiarism checker for students that provides a bonus in the form of a report on grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, readability, and sentence structure of the text is almost impossible to find. This feature will help to get better grades.
  • Assistance from professional editors. If you’ve been working on a task for a long time, it becomes difficult to come up with fresh ideas and to notice grammar errors. If you are an exchange student or simply lack time for improvements, request professional help.

RobotDon team is always ready to help you with your essay! Give us a quick message and perfect your paper with us!

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