Ain’t – It Isn’t A Four-Letter Word

July 13, 2018

Mixed reactions surround the word ‘Ain’t.’ Some people consider it informal or nonstandard. Some say that it is not even in the dictionary, and therefore, it shouldn’t be considered a word. Others say that most four letter words are profanity and the word ‘ain’t’ can’t be good either because it also contains four letters. The reality is that ‘ain’t’ is gaining popularity in American English. It is used to catch people’s attention both in talks and in writing. The term is used in both music and movies too. Is it possible that ‘ain’t’ isn’t a four-letter word?

This might be a lit bit confusing. Why don’t we go back to the origin of the word ‘ain’t’ to understand how it came about? Let’s look at how pronouns and verbs change when they are turned into negative contractions. For example, the uncontracted positive of ‘you are’ becomes ‘you aren’t.’ ‘We are’ becomes ‘we aren’t,’ and ‘they are’ turns into ‘they aren’t.’ The case is different when it comes to ‘I am.’ It does not follow the trend of the other pronouns. There doesn’t seem to be a negative contraction for ‘am not.’ That is because the combination of are and not comes to ‘aren’t. ‘Isn’t is a combination of is and not. That means that when you combine am and not, you should have ‘amn’t’ as the contraction. That sounds weird, I know. It’s interesting that people from some parts of the world comfortably use ‘amn’t’ and examples include those in Ireland and Scotland. Can you imagine someone saying, “

I amn’t aware of what you are talking about?’

You might truly not knowing what they are talking about if you are listening to the ‘amn’t in the sentence. This is because we have been brought up to think that there is no such thing as ‘amn’t’ and that this type of language is for the uneducated. Other ways of using amn’t that you might hear in the countries mentioned include:

I am late, amn’t I?

I am still in the race, amn’t I?

The English language does not put two nasal consonants together. The term ‘ain’t’ has ‘m’ and ‘n’ as consonants. What happens is that the two are joined to form ‘an’t’. Therefore, the result is ‘ain’t.’ The word didn’t sound right to some people, and others didn’t like it because it seemed different from the other English words. That is why they compared to the rest of the four-letter words, and that has been the case for the last century.

Source: EnjoyEnglish-Blog

There are lots of questions on whether we should even use the word ‘ain’t.’ Therefore, it doesn’t help matters when you misuse it. The main rule surrounding the usage of this word informal speech is that ‘ain’t’ should only be used with ‘I.’ You cannot use ‘they’ he’ or you’ when using ‘ain’t.’ For example, it is wrong to say, “You ain’t sure? She ain’t pretty, or you ain’t allowed to do that. We can comfortably say ‘ain’t I’ instead of ‘aren’t I’. When you think about it, aren’t I is not grammar correct, same as I aren’t. The two words go against the rules of the English language.

When ‘ain’t’ is used in informal speech, it has a lot of freedom. People use when referring to humor. For example, one can say, “it ain’t funny’. It can also be used to provide emphasis. An example is in the sentence, ‘that ain’t the case.’

If you decide to use the term ‘ain’t,’ ensure you do it correctly. If not, you will appear grammatically incorrect. The term has faced lots of attacks. This leaves us wondering what we are supposed to use instead as the negative contraction for am not if amn’t is out of the question strange and ‘ain’t’ is not in the dictionary. Maybe people are not ready to embrace the word ‘ain’t’ but we can confidently say that it is not a four-letter word. When you look at its origin, it has the right to the respect that other English words have. A time may come when everyone might not refer to ‘ain’t as a four-letter word.

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